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How To Integrate DME Into Treatment Protocols – Part 3

Maximizing Efficiency With DME Protocols

For every patient, the front office should determine, in advance of the doctor seeing the patient, if the insurance plan covers DME and whether the podiatrist is allowed to provide the specific DME product. If the plan includes coverage and the podiatrist can dispense it, determine whether the plan has an annual deductible or lifetime coverage amount. If the patient has coverage and the podiatrist is not allowed to dispense the product, the patient needs a referral.

The medical assistant can do the initial intake. Based on an understanding of treatment protocols, the assistant can then make the DME products readily available for the physician to recommend. The physician should review the initial intake and perform an evaluation. The physician describes the plan of treatment and therapeutic objectives of DME. The medical assistant reviews the application of DME with the patient.

When a patient’s therapeutic needs are beyond the ability of the provider, make a referral for consultation or further treatment. Consider pedorthists, orthotists and other podiatrists for possible referral. If appropriate, the medical assistant issues instructions on referral.