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How To Integrate DME Into Treatment Protocols – Part 4

What About Conservative Modalities For Plantar Fasciitis?

For patients with commonly presenting foot and ankle conditions, there are a number of specific DME products that one can keep on hand.

Plantar fasciitis. One possible diagnosis code is 728.71 for plantar fascial fibromatosis.

At the initial visit for patients with plantar fasciitis, one may use an Airheel (Aircast), which has a possible HCPCS code of L2999. Patients may also benefit from a readymade insert such as Powerstep (Powerstep).

At the second visit, patients may use a posterior or dorsal night splint (possible HCPCS code L4396) or custom orthoses. Consider a low top pneumatic walker for severe cases (with a possible HCPCS code of L4360).

At the third visit for patients with plantar fasciitis, consider shockwave therapy if patients are not achieving adequate pain relief.