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How To Integrate DME Into Treatment Protocols – Part 6

Pertinent Tips On Conservative Care For Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome. Possible diagnosis codes for this condition are 726.79 for tarsal tunnel syndrome or 719.47 for pain in the joint, ankle or foot.

At the initial visit, DME options are the GameDay (Ossur) or Exoform (Ossur), both of which have the possible HCPCS code of L1906.

At the follow-up visit, consider a non-pneumatic walker (with a possible HCPCS code of L4386) for severe cases. One can also cast custom orthoses.

In Conclusion

Increasingly, solo DPMs and small groups of practioners are collaborating with large group practices. Increased size offers greater negotiating power with third-party payers as well as cost efficiencies that come with size. Such an approach also offers greater opportunity to streamline treatments to deliver optimal care in the most cost-effective manner.