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New Patient Brochure Helps Ensure That Patients With Diabetes Get Evaluated For Annual Shoe Fitting

More than 75% of patients with diabetes and Medicare fit with shoes one year are not fit the next.  This, despite annual coverage that offers podiatrists very reasonable reimbursement and that the American Diabetes Association recommends that patients be evaluated annually to determine their level of ulcerative risk.

SafeStep has created a brochure for podiatrists to give to patients with Medicare and diabetes when scheduling an annual Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam.  The brochure explains to patients the importance of the exam as well as qualifications for shoes under the Therapeutic Shoe Program.


IMAGE2The brochure is available personalized with your practice name and address.  Use as both an appointment reminder for patients’ CDFE and to explain to patients its importance.  It includes at-home foot care tips.  It also shows a preview of stylish athletic, dress or casual Medicare-covered diabetic shoes.

Call 866.712.STEP (7837) to order free sample brochures.  Also schedule a FREE Training Session with a SafeStep EXPERT to learn how to ensure that patients with diabetes, fit with shoes are, if qualified, fit year after year.  Let us show you how to ensure that patients in need of care get it and also that your practice does not miss out on revenue opportunities.

At the conclusion of your training session, your SafeStep EXPERT will ensure that you:

  • Determine your “Number”, the number of patients in your practice with Medicare and diabetes.
  • Can track your practice shoe fitting success using the SafeStep Practice Report Card

SafeStep DME Training will help you grow your practice, improve patient care and enhance practice revenue.


How to Use Facebook to Market Your Practice

There’s a reason Facebook is one of the key places to focus on for marketing your practice. With 100’s of millions of members, you can bet you will get more eyes on your practice from prospective and existing customers. dedicated server Combine those effects with an effective email marketing campaign and you have a recipe for marketing success.

Today, I want to give you a few ways to use Facebook to get more likes, responses and generate more leads to your practice.

Using Facebook For Podiatry Practice Marketing

  1. Use photos and videos – Most online visitors love things they can see and hear. This is perfect for showcasing your skills and benefits of your practice to potential customers. Look at adding your YouTube channel and other photos to your Facebook page. Add videos of your success stories, how to informational videos and even photos of your products. Don’t forget to link out to others in your industry for interesting, curated content.
  2. Tie in your email list – Depending on what email marketing provider you use, you can add a tab on your Facebook page to gather leads that opt-in to your email newsletter.
  3. Use a welcome page – Don’t just have visitors land on your wall, develop a landing page that shows up for those who haven’t yet liked your page. Combine a compelling offer on your welcome page that tells your visitors to like you and give them something in return.

There are other effective ways to use Facebook to market your practice, but these are some of the best ways to ensure your customers and prospects get the best experience when they visit your Facebook page.

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