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Expiration Date of Form Signed by the Primary Care Physician for a Pair of Diabetic Shoes?

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Is there a time period for the validity of the form signed by the PCP for a pair of diabetic shoes?  How far ahead of the dispensing can the PCP sign the form?


Medicare states:
  • 3 months: Time allowed from when certifying physician signs certifying statement to when shoes must be fit.
  • 6 months:  Time prior to fitting shoes that patient needs to have been seen by the physician managing their diabetes using which diabetes care is reviewed.
According to Local Coverage Article for Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes – Policy Article- Effective July 2010 (A37065):
For claims with dates of service on or after 1/1/2011, the certifying physician must:

  • Have an in-person visit with the patient during which diabetes management is addressed within 6 months prior to delivery of the shoes/inserts; and
  • Sign the certification statement (refer to the Documentation Requirements section of the related Local Coverage Determination) on or after the date of the in-person visit and within 3 months prior to delivery of the shoes/inserts.
Josh White, DPM, CPed