Why Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic shoes & inserts

Diabetic shoes and inserts compensate for any foot abnormalities including high arch or flat arch. Inserts eliminate excessive irritation caused by high pressure points as you walk on your feet.

Inserts and shoes custom fitted by a podiatrist or therapeutic shoe fitter ensure a proper fit that will support your feet and reduce the chance of ulcers. Shoes and inserts from off the shelf in a department store or pharmacy may not give your particular feet the support they need – or worse, they might cause irritation that could lead to a break in the skin. One size does not fit all, so please ask your podiatrist which shoes and inserts are right for your foot type.

You should wear your diabetic shoes with inserts everyday. This will help prevent foot ulceration. Using other shoes for long periods of time may increase your risk for developing calluses, blisters and other abrasions that will cause your skin to crack.

Medicare’s Therapeutic Shoe Program helps cover part of the cost of a new pair of diabetic shoes and up to three pairs of inserts each year. Ask your podiatrist to examine your feet and determine if you qualify for the program.