Want to take your practice growth from static to dynamic in just one-hour?

Follow our tested DME treatment protocols:

  • Your team will learn how to free-up time to treat more of your existing patients on a recurring schedule, creating self-sustaining practice growth.
  • From online ordering and Medicare compliance (“WorryFree DME”), to tracking practice growth and patient compliance (Patient Retention), our DME Experts will ensure the office staff understands SafeStep’s proprietary practice management system.
  • Developing a dynamic, thriving practice starts with having an informed and knowledgeable staff, understanding the essentials of Medicare compliance, treatment protocols, benchmarking and capping it all off with integrated patient communication.

 Featuring two ways to learn:

Choose any one or attend all:

  1. Scheduled Webinars: Free 45-minute interactive presentations in small group settings. Register at safestep.net.
  2. One-on-one Training: Free, 45-minute, online discussion with one of our trained DME Experts. Call 866.712.7837 or email info@safestep.net to schedule a convenient time for the doctor and office staff.

 SafeStep Also Offers:

  • Quarterly DME Review – 2 hours, web-based service. This program reviews your report card, reviews DME utilization, reviews established performance criteria, and provides personalized coaching where missing opportunities.

Call a DME Expert at 866.712.7837 to ask questions about SafeStep DME Training.