Dear Dr. White,

I just wanted to take a moment to express how exemplary and invaluable your employee, Donna S. is to your company. She is the only person who has ALWAYS called or faxed me back since we began using SafeStep. I do know that she had an awful lot of former "outstanding", unpaid DME claims  (diabetic shoes/inserts)  from our office that fell into her lap. She has worked diligently to resolve all claims. She is always positive, kind, knowledgeable, prompt and actually cares about her customers. She has been an enormous help to me and always very supportive. She takes the time to be thorough and to always follow-up. No one ever takes the time to "sing someone else's praises" in this day and age, but I felt compelled to do so for her. I can't say enough wonderful things about her and I certainly hope that you know what an asset she is to your organization.

I thank you for taking the time to read this note. I hope you will take into consideration the procurement of records prior to ordering diabetic shoes. Also, Donna S. is a pleasure to deal with and I sure hope she never leaves!!!


Office Manager
The Office of Joseph Grillo, DPM, PA, FACFAS
14391 Metropolis Avenue, Suite 104
Fort Myers, FL 33912
October 6, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

As many know, Medicare has been an absolute nightmare to collect from. We have suffered tremendous losses trying to collect from Medicare since January 2012.
In early 2015, we dropped Medicare completely due to collection issues.
In mid-2015, we found SafeStep, the process is very straight forward and the return on investment is more than justified. We are now passing almost 100% of all medical reviews, the repeat customer process is much easier and the customer service is outstanding.
I would highly recommend SafeStep to anyone who bills DME through Medicare, they have a unique understanding on passing the audits.
I would also like to thank the team who handles our account, I could not ask for a more pleasant group of people to deal with.
Anyone wondering how the process works for us, please don’t hesitate to call me direct,  I will take time out of my day to call you back.


Lucian F. Montagna, CPed, OST
President, Montagna’s Shoes
Virginia Beach, VA
September 19, 2016

I am pleased to recommend SafeStep to any podiatrist looking for excellent service and products. The shoe selection and customer support are excellent in my opinion. The service provided by SafeStep to assure that all documentation is in order before shoes are shipped is unequaled in the industry. Furthermore my representative, Russell McMillan, has been very helpful in solving any of my problems or questions.


Michael Cohn, DPM
Albuquerque, New Mexico
February 1, 2016

Dr. White,

I was thinking about how appreciative we are of SafeStep's effort to help us with audits by Noridian, and I felt I didn't give complete credit where credit is due in my earlier email.

I actually didn't know that SafeStep provided any help in this manner, until one day when I was talking with Justin about our account.  He mentioned that SafeStep could help me, and that Janel was the person I could talk to about documentation. He said he would forward my concern to her, and he did.  That is what got us on the right track and now we are getting the claim paid.

I thought you should know that it was Justin who listened carefully to me and directed me to the proper person.  And the Dr. and I really appreciate his efforts. We're a super small practice, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Victor R. Sucheski, DPM
1110 Corker Street
Placerville, CA 95667
November 15, 2013


Hi Gloria!

Thank you so much for helping with the billing fees for my patient. I needed to process this claim to get a rejection so her secondary insurance would pay for her orthotics. I REALLY appreciate you doing that!! You are the best and I appreciate all that you do to help! Just when things seem overwhelming, you do something that brightens my day and makes me smile. Thank you for that! Safestep is lucky to have you!! 

 Thanks a million!

Jeanna Polonchek Ed.D., LATC, CSCS, OT-SC, CPED
Sole Remedy
August 13, 2013


SafeStep has allowed me to provide a more comprehensive treatment plan for my patients. I can focus on offering my patients the right brace or the right type of shoes without worrying if I have all the compliance documents and without worrying about billing issues.  Thank you SafeStep for making practicing more about podiatry and less about paperwork!

Dr. Yeon Ah Shim
Roselle Podiatry Group
Roselle, New Jersey
May, 2013

Dear Josh:

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your customer service persons are fantastic. Every time I call with a problem, they are there to willingly walk me though the problem and rectify it as quickly as possible. I would like to especially name Doty and Keisha as outstanding representatives.

Please know that I am trying to figure these things out for myself, but knowing that they are there to help without any hesitation, makes my job a bit easier.

Thank you,

Joanne Guarnieri (office staff for Dr. Theodore A. D'Amato)
9 April 2012

Hi Josh,
I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you for such an outstanding job establishing SafeStep. It not only makes ordering shoes and inserts for our diabetic patients easy, but makes the documentation and compliance issues so effortless. I have had a great experience with your employees, they are ready and willing to assist me with problems I might have with my orders. They know everything necessary to assist us in this particular phase of our practices and if they do not, they will get the answers. We can be assured that our documentation and that we are in compliance with each and every Medicare rule.

I had the pleasure of having Azizi help me with some of my orders and he was so polite and reassuring on every request. I know he is now focused on troubleshooting issues related to billing and documentation, which is a great section for him.

I have recently dealt with an associate named Kesha, she has gone above and beyond just helping. She is such a reflection of your ability to hire and train the proper people and to create proper job descriptions. It is a pleasure to call, even when I am frustrated and think that even if things are really messed up, Kesha is there to come to the rescue. I have had no problems with any of the representatives that answer your lines, they have all been helpful.

Thanks again for your company; I recognize that every organization starts from the top down.

Stan Rosen,DPM
31 May 2012

Hi Dr. White,

I wanted to let you know how appreciative we are that you have a person like Christine working with you company. She has helped me through my new practice management experience with Norwood Podiatry. I also had a difficult patient which she helped pacify by listening to his tirade and he called and mentioned that it was good that we dealt with a company like yours. I wanted you to know this since we often overlook our valuable people. Again, it is nice doing business with your company . We also appreciate that you have been patient with us since we are going through a very difficult period in our practice.


Marie Bueno
Practice Manager
Norwood Podiatry
21 March 2012

Dear Dr. Josh White,

I just wanted to drop a quick email to tell you of the outstanding service I received from Coreen DeMayo. Over the past week, she has helped me with replacing a defective pair of shoes for a patient. She has been very quick to answer all of my questions both via phone and email. She is a wonderful representative for SafeStep and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Erin Kalla, DPM
Long Beach, CA
February, 2012

Hi Pete,

Well, we had the visit yesterday from the independent reviewer contracted by NSC to perform a site visit as part of the reactivation package.

It went okay. She took a bunch of pictures like of the hours posted on the window, the handicapped parking space in front of the building, the display stand of Orthofeet shoes. I was so happy to have the Supplier Standards posted and a copy of the Reactivation Application with me because she took copy of the business license, the insurance certificate and his podiatry license, all which were right there in the packet.

The SafeStep website was so useful! I just went to it and printed off the Complaint Log, and the other forms she needed. Thank goodness they are there for us to use. She loved the Break In Instructions because it also had warranty information regarding the shoes, and contact information regarding if the patient has a problem with the shoes.

I don't know if you've had other DPMs who have had these site visits, so I wanted you to know what happened.

I told my husband on the drive home last night how grateful I was we chose SafeStep instead of another vendor because the help and information has been invaluable.

If you need to, please tell whomever there we are grateful for your help, Pete and their help from the website.

I don't know how much longer it'll be before our number is reactivated. I hope in the next month, but who knows?

Thanks again.

Mary Lou Sucheski

To Dr. White,

I am Grace from Newport Family Podiatry. I just wanted to take the time to complement one of your employee, Brandon, for helping me out with the orders as well as giving me information on how to go about with retracting information for patients.

Best Regards,

Grace Castro
Podiatric Assistant
Newport Beach, CA


We wanted to let you know that we had a problem with an order. We were billed for it but never received the shoes. A shoe was backordered from Aetrex and Aetrex had closed out the invoice. However, Debra Schwartz answered the phone and went above and beyond. She was very helpful and quick to respond. We greatly appreciate her help and wanted to let you know she is a great customer representative.


Office Manager

Dr. White:

I have worked for Dr. Stuart Tuck for 14 years and currently handle diabetic shoes for three locations within Village Podiatry Centers. Safestep has proven to be pleasant and the ordering process is certainly "user friendly".

Unfortunately, several weeks ago we began to have issues with mis-ships, defective shoes and excessive backorders. There has also been some breakdown in communication with your customer service department. In the midst of attempting to obtain the proper shoes for our patients and alleviate these problems in general, I was contacted by Coreen DeMayo.

Coreen took the time to look at, clarify and correct each individual issue we were having. She then developed a protocol which allows me to communicate directly with her, thus speeding up the process when a shipping error occurs. The personal attention and fantastic communication I got from Coreen has been a breath of fresh air. This also makes a difference in that it expedites the care and service we offer our patients.

I wanted to let you know how fortunate I believe you are to have an employee such as Coreen working for you. She has definately been pro-active and has proven to be on the side of the customer with no questions asked. It is refreshing to deal with someone who is willing to take the time and energy and go to the lengths Coreen has to not only make sure the job gets done, but to follow up and make sure it gets done correctly.


Kim Poole
Therapeutic Shoe Technician
Village Podiatry Centers

Dear Josh,

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! We just sent off our first claims to MC for our DM shoes. THANK YOU SO MUCH to you, Shannon, Azizi, and Nicole for helping us get online with DMERC!!!!! :)

Melissa Lockwood

Dear Gloria, Josh, Rich and Safe Step Staff:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have appreciated all of the help I have received over the past several years in pursuit of a DME provider number and getting launched with a diabetic shoe program. Gloria: you have been amazing and very supportive throughout all the obstacles I encountered. I can't thank you enough for your assistance and encouragement. I appreciate all the time you took to walk me through all the various steps of the process even when it was after hours. Josh and Rich: I congratulate you and applaud your vision and development of the website and online resources that are amazing. What a great product!! Safe Step Staff: Thank you for answering all of my questions and providing the appropriate documentation. I look forward to working closely with all of you as my business continues to grow. It is nice to know great people are behind our efforts!


Jeanna Polonchek, Ed.D., LATC, CSCS, OT-SC, CPED
CEO Sole Remedy, LLC

Jeanna Polonchek, Ed.D., LATC, CSCS, OT-SC, CPED
CEO Sole Remedy, LLC

Dear Josh

Hi, hope all is well. I'm sure you hear your share of complaints, so I wanted to take the time to forward some compliments. After weeks of frustrating phone calls to the NSC, Tim facilitated my address change which should finally resolve the problems I have been having. His service and attitude have been outstanding and I wanted you to know. Thanks.

Ernest Isaacson, DPM

Dear Charlene,

I wanted to write you to send a thank you your way. Since I have worked with Kitsap Podiatry since 2006, you have been extremely helpful to me in so many ways. When I have a problem you always try to find the answer and you get back to me promptly. You are always pleasant to me on the phone. I know I can always count on you to give me information on where I can find a service, if it is a service your company does not provide. You have always great shoe recommendations for me if I am not sure of what shoes would be best for a patient. You have done all these things and more! I just wanted to take a minute and extend a thanks to you for all your extra effort that you put into servicing our practice.

Zack @ Dr Paul Aufderheides in WA
Kitsay Foot Clinic
Silverdale, WA
June 19, 2009

Dear SafeStep,

A few weeks ago I had a chance to send my gratitude to Charlene for her great service with our office. Now, I would like to thank Tim for his customer service. In the last couple years of working for Kitsap Podiatry, I have had the chance to speak and work with Tim to size, fit, and/or return shoes. He has mostly hepled with return orders and foam impressions. Every time I have a question, he is there to answer it. If he is not sure about the answer, he will give me his best educated guess, find out the answer, and return my call prompyly. He has always been very respectful on the phone and has a great sense of humor. He has helped make our patient flow in the office a little easier because we are able to get patients their shoes and insoles in a more timely manner. Thank you Tim for all your assistance and efficiency.


Zach, CMA Kitsap Podiatry
Dr. Paul Aufderheide
Silverdale, WA

Re: Mr. Tim Kizavul

Dear Josh,

Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with Tim. I was getting very frustrated with the paper work involved in obtaining shoes for my Diabetic Patients under this Medicare shoe program. There was a point when you visited me in my office in Brick, N.J. where I did not get paid for almost a year. Tim was instrumental in getting my paper work for the DME straightened out. I was finally able to get paid. He went the extra mile and helped me with an outline to make it easier for me to go through the process of this Diabetic shoe program with Medicare. As a result, I am becoming more confident in ordering these shoes. I recommend Tim without hesitation for the great job he has done to help me work through this program.


Dr. Stanley J. Szaniawski
74 Brick Blvd. STE 104
Brick, NJ 08723
July 24, 2009

Dear Ms. G,

No words could show my appreciation for your tenacity and effectiveness. You're always courteous and fun. Please keep up the tremendous work.


Dr. Guerin

I am writing to you to commend you on a particular employee. I have been in practice for 15 years, and have dealt with many supply companies. I have never had the courteous, genuine and incredibly supportive experience that I have had with Tim.

There was a problem with my NPI crosswalk due to the fact that I changed my TAX ID number. I had 12 outstanding claims that were not being paid because my old TAX ID number had been deactivated. I had called Medicare and after transferring me to 3 different departments, they told me they did not know how to solve my problem.

Tim was outstanding in his tireless efforts and brilliant ideas to figure out how to make certain that my claims were paid. He spoke to people both at the NPI registry and Medicare numerous times, and came up with an idea that ultimately led to payment of my claims. He always followed up and let me know at every step of the way what the progress was.

I was ready to give up, but Tim handled all the legwork and hours of phone calls that were necessary to deal with this particular problem.

He is always professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very resourceful. I am eternally grateful to Tim and eternally loyal to SafeStep!


Lauren A. Schwartz, D.P.M.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate what Gloria Krouch has done for me concerning a billing problem I had with DM shoes. I had changed addresses recently, and moved into my new office building. Unfortunately, there was a problem with either CMS or the NPI people not realizing I had changed addresses even though I filled out the appropriate paperwork.

It was through Gloria's intervention that things got straightened out and payments started rolling in. Gloria knows the regulations better than the folks at CMS and NPI, and was able to wade through all the bureaucratic red tape and get everything resolved for me. Without her efforts, I would be out a great deal of money.

You have a very valuable employee in Gloria, one who knows how to get the job done and is willing to go the extra mile to get the desired results for your customers.

Thank you to Gloria and Safe Step for helping me with this problem.


Richard L. Rauch, DPM

One of our biggest concerns with providing therapeutic shoes and insoles to our patients was the potential extra work and time required for the doctors and staff in our practice SafeStep has streamlined every process and made their program very user friendly. Our patient’s satisfaction with use of their shoes is outstanding.

Hal Ornstein, DPM, FACFAS
Howell, New Jersey
Chairman, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management

We have had a very successful partnership between the Richie Brace(R) lab partners and Safe Step. From the beginning, Safe Step has led the industry in providing on-line billing to Medicare for Therapeutic Shoes and Ankle Foot Orthoses. The Safe Step site is the most user friendly and technically simple billing service I have ever seen. It is a pleasure to refer our Richie Brace customers to Safe Step where I know they will recieve professional consultation, seamless submission of claims, and prompt payment without fear of lengthy delays due to lack of proper documentation.

Douglas Richie D.P.M.
Founder and CEO, Richie Brace Systems

I have been ordering shoes from Safe Step for about 3 years and it has been so wonderful. The shoes come quickly after I order. Safe step takes care of the billing to Medicare. There have been very few problems and even they were resolved in a timely and very professional manner by Josh White and the employees of SafeStep.

Donna Hart
Financial Manager
Advanced family Foot Care
Oak Ridge, TN

I would say from personal experience that the assistance I received from Safestep(Josh White and his wonderful staff) was invaluable. They are experts at what they do and are extremely courteous, to a fault.Of all the DME suppliers I looked into, Safestep was the only one that did not charge for claim submissions.Also, their pricing is significantly lower than most of the others.Could I have filled out the DME by myself ?Sure, but it was a lot easier with Safesteps help, aaaannd it was free! Could I submit the claims for the shoes dispensed ? Sure, but they do it in a timely fashion, it relieves your staff of extra work, aaaand it's free! All in all, I highly recommend Safestep for your DME needs.

Herbert P. Rosen, DPM
Baltimore, MD

Dear Dr. White
First of all my congrats on your wonderful concept. I have had my D.M.E. provider since 1999,but had never been able to get my ordering and billing organized as I do with SafeStep. I am interested in adding AFO dispensing to my practice and was wondering how to best start with regards to casting and ordering. I really have no practical experience in this other than in my school days. Any suggestions?

Ricardo Reyes
Hialeah, FL

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much Safestep has helped my practice and my Diabetic patients. I have ordered and dispensed hundreds of pairs of shoes and the process is so simple! The web site allows me to order and track patients easily and then recall them each year without any hassle. The real plus to your service is the free billing and the low cost of your products. That has saved me many dollars that would have gone to my billing service or to another company with more expensive products. That's key in this era of lower reimbursements.

I also appreciate the fact that you and your staff are always available to help.

There isn't another company that can match the all around positive service that you and your staff have provided. I can't imagine why all Podiatrists aren't using your company for Diabetic shoes. "

Marc A. Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL

Dear Josh,

I have been a client of SafeStep for approximately two years and have always found the staff to be friendly, responsive and extremely competent in resolving any issues I had regarding my shoe orders.

The new visual materials provided by SafeStep showing the different shoes available are of excellent quality and very helpful in demonstrating the choices of shoes to our diabetic patients.

Robert E. Sherman, D.P.M.
Stratford, CT

I highly recommend Safestep. Dr. Josh White and staff provide the highest quality service. Everything is online and very easy. If you have any questions someone in the office will answer it via phone or e-mail. If no one in the office has the answer you can usually reach Dr. White and ask him yourself. I have never had a problem with billing, returns or credits. I can't imagine why anyone would want to deal with a large impersonal orthotic lab to fill shoe or AFO orders. You will not find a better company than Safestep to work with.

Lionel G. Hausman, DPM
New York, NY

Josh White has really aided in helping our patients by having many styles and varieties of the diabetic therapeutic shoes available. We have many satisfied repeat diabetic patients that understand the importance of preventing costly foot infections and thanks to SafeStep are doing quite well in prevention...

Steven Melek, DPM
Logan, WV