New Foot Ulcer Treatment Under Scrutiny from FDA

Here’s something I found that I thought is interesting and thought you would want Boredom to see this news.

Sanuwave, maker of the New dermaPACE diabetic foot ulcer treatment, received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), asking the company wholesale nfl jerseys to run another clinical trial of its wave-based product. Forex According to the FDA, Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys the initial run failed to meet its primary endpoint.

Using extra-corporeal shock wave technology, Sanuwave’s product is unique to the marketplace, but Team requires more testing, according enhancements to the FDA. According to a press release, the data shows the Thermal wound closure did indeed succeed, after additional time of 24 weeks.

To see the whole story about Sanuwave, take a look at the of entire article here:

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