Medicare Compliance Requires Accuracy

SafeStep guarantees Medicare compliance for every therapeutic shoe order*



$10,000 Guarantee*

If SafeStep creates the Medicare documentation forms required of the Supplier and you fail an audit, SafeStep will reimburse up to $10,000 of loss due to insufficient documentation.

Use the DPM’s Ordering Info Notes form during your patient’s CDFE. Then refer to it when returning online to order your patient’s shoes. SafeStep will do the rest:

  • We contact the medical doctor
  • We gather the signed forms
  • We check to ensure the info is correct

*Guarantee limited to documentation required by Medicare to be created by supplier. Account balance must be current.  Guarantee only applies to situations where liability is based solely on inadequate documentation. Other issues – such as medical necessity, improper code selection and over utilization – do not apply.

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