Patient Retention Program

The Key to Patient Retention is Already at Your Fingertips. SafeStep’s annual Patient Retention Program promotes patient care while growing practice revenue through a personalized mailing program.

As a SafeStep customer, you have at your disposal – a very powerful tool to help ensure that Medicare patients with diabetes are refit for shoes each successive year. It’s called SafeStep’s Patient Retention Program.

In most practices, a large percentage of patients are not re-evaluated nor refit for shoes on an annual basis as Medicare allows. SafeStep automates patient notification for yearly risk assessment to provide you with the opportunity to examine, refit, and order therapeutic shoes – benefiting your patients and your practice. The Patient Retention Program presents you, at a glance, a listing of all your patients who have been fit for shoes in the past two calendar years but have not yet been fit in this calendar year.


Safestep Refit Alert Chart
Example of SafeStep’s online Patient Tracker chart
for Medicare patient fittings of diabetic shoes

We’ll track your practice’s history of each patient fitted over the current and past years and make it easy for you to print pre-addressed mailers, reminding patients to make an appointment. You can also log into the SafeStep website to view the Patient Tracker to determine which patients have been fit in previous years and are now past due for their annual CDFE and possible shoe refitting. Using the built-in tools, you’re able to create personalized mailers advising patients that it’s time for their annual CDFE. Simply print and send!

SafeStep’s Patient Retention Program builds on patient compliance, affiliation, and associated practice loyalty – all to strengthen the patient/podiatrist relationship.

Call 866.712.STEP (7837) to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable DME Practice Expert or representative. We are here to help you get enrolled.